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Great shame: French policeman shoots yellow vest in the back of the head!

(This article is not about defaming the police as a whole, many policemen are in solidarity with the yellow vests , others are reserved and some seem to have received a "special mission.") A firefighter who joined the French protest movement of yellow vests was joined last weekend by a policeman with a controversial flashballshot in the back of the head. These weapons fire hard rubber bullets and are considered not deadly. But it happens again and again that victims lose their sight and recently a protester in Marseilles even suffered his injuries. It is also very shocking that Macron had his police officers armed with the G36 assault rifle. Does he want to let it shoot at the people? As a deterrent, the measure is not much better and more than questionable.

The terrible images show Olivier Beziade, a threefold father in his thirties, who was on the ground in Bordeaux on Saturday after being hit from behind. Videos have been published on social media showing how Beziade is treated by doctors while his head is covered in blood. Beziade suffered a serious brain injury and is currently according to family members in a coma.

The French government is rapidly becoming more radical, and now Macron is flooding the streets with heavily armed police. In December, even snipers were spotted on the rooftops.

Armored cars were also used in Paris recently, which looked suspiciously like the EU army. 

Meanwhile, the mass media are running cheap propaganda with crude fake news. In a report by the state broadcaster France 3 , a demonstration slogan was actually deleted in the background. (Dégage means hau. Macron is in France something equally popular, like Merkel in Germany.)

In addition to the unspeakable propaganda of the fake news media is now obviously trying to infiltrate the revolution of the yellow vests, unless it was already headed from the outset by a false flag. The star of the yellow vests, Eric Drouet, on closer inspection does not seem to be the one he claims to be. Eric Drouet seems not only a descendant of the well-known revolutionary Jean-Baptiste Drouet , but also the son of left-wing politician Alexis Corbière ! 

Both Wikipedia and Infobretagneconfirm that the Drouets are a Breton noble family and married to the Corbières. The similarity of the two is amazing. It is also striking how Jean-Luc Mélenchon , another influential socialist, campaigns for the yellow vests; especially since the socialists in Germany are playing the same games. 

With the revolutionary Jean-Baptiste Drouet (1763 -1824), the noble family already played an ambiguous role in the French Revolution. On the one hand he owes the king's arrest, and on the other he belongs to the forces that led the people from one bondage to another. He was an important member of the conspiracy of the likes(fr. Conjuration des Égaux). The early socialist secret society was built in 1795 in the third phase of the French Revolution. The secret society sought to overthrow the bourgeois board of directors and to implement a kind of communist society in France by means of social revolutionary measures in favor of the landless peasants and the urban proletariat. The parallels with today's revolutionary star Eric Drouet are striking and it is to be hoped that the yellow vests are not misled into a disguised communist operation.

"Ordo Ab Chao" - order from the chaos is a well-known motto of the Masons and reflects their action plan, first to create a mess in order to introduce a new order. The idea proclaimed by the Freemasons that all men are equal is not believed by the freemasons in the higher ranks themselves, but serves only to prepare the world unity government. The League of Nations and the UN, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are ideas adopted in the Masonic lodges and serve solely to centralize power. The increasingly vociferous demand to give up national sovereignty is also part of this globalist plan.

Basically, giving up sovereignty means nothing more than that fewer and fewer people can control more and more people. The meaning of democracy would actually be that power emanates 100 percent from the people. 

Conclusion: The protest movement of the yellow vests is quite legitimate. It shows that millions of people disagree with the government's course. Eleven generals, an admiral, a colonel, and former Defense Secretary Charles Million also signed an open letter on December 7to correct the government. Of course, this very important message has been hidden in the system media because it does not fit into the agenda of the globalists. On the other hand, it should never be forgotten that protest movements have always been infiltrated or exploited. A good example was the Arab Spring, which, as it later evolved, was organized by the CIA for the imperialist plans of the neoconsadvance. Demonstrating is fraught with danger and rarely effective so far, because the solution is not based on a socialist deal but on restoring popular sovereignty. Sovereignty means self-determination and is not just a legal status, but also a state of consciousness. Who wants to live self-determined, must also be able to take responsibility. On closer inspection, however, one recognizes that the spokesman of the yellow vests are conspicuously poorly profiled and systematically avoiding uncomfortable topics such as the climate change , the debt- money system or the transposition of Europe. 



Most users of smartphones and wipers will be unaware of the extent to which data from their mobile phone is tapped and stored by different companies to analyze by algorithms and create profiles of all sorts.

In the field of social media, this may well be known, but the user is asked to agree to the terms and conditions, in which it is openly admitted that all data are stored and sold "to third parties" so that any advertising reaches the alleged interests in accordance with the potential clientele , 

Google is one of the largest and long-standing players in the global web advertising market, and the company is by no means referred to as a "data octopus". Each search is saved and fed to the analysis - a fully automatic process that is used to profile IP addresses.

Whether it's just a booked trip with Deutsche Bahn, a search for some insurance, a purchase on Amazon or any other specific input in the Google search mask, within a short time, related advertising will be displayed on visited web pages. As long as the user is logged in to the network with their Google Account, everything will be saved.

Less well known is likely to be users of "smartphone" camouflaged, transportable bugs, that also the built-in many devices voice control like listening and the intercepted information, via voice recognition programs converted into text files, adds to the appropriate database. For many, there is a lack of attention to recognize a connection when talking to a friend about something and a little later being exposed to ads exposed on the internet, which seems just too appropriate. But a "coincidence" can be excluded here. 

However, many applications on mobile phones do not use only social media posts or profiling queries. As the US side motherboard recently reported, the location of the device is not only constantly monitored and recorded, but the location is also a very lucrative business. 

Each connected mobile phone is connected to the nearby mobile distributor. Consequently, the corresponding provider not only knows how calls, text messages and access to the Internet will be forwarded, but the location of the device can also be determined quite accurately by means of the respective distance of the transmission towers. 

Motherboard's Joseph Cox asked if any mobile phone could only be found by phone number and met with a "bounty hunter" for this purpose:

"He had offered to find out the location of a phone for me by using a dodgy, overlooked service that is not intended for the police but for individuals and businesses. 

Armed only with the number and a few hundred dollars, he said he could find out the current location of almost all phones in the United States. " 

For $ 300 the" bounty hunter "passed the number to a contact person and a little later came a screenshot of Google Maps, on which Queens, a district of New York City, was to be seen and also a blue circle, which marked the location of the phone to a few hundred meters exactly.

Cox emphasizes that the "bounty hunter" needed only the phone number and had no prior knowledge of the location of the phone. The source for the location in real time are the telecommunications companies themselves, it is said. In this case, T-Mobile, but it also works with the US providers AT & T and Sprint. 

"Motherboard's research shows how unprotected mobile networks and the data they generate are real. They are open to surveillance by ordinary citizens, stalkers and criminals [...].

The study also shows that a lot of companies can access location data of a mobile phone and that the information is passed on from mobile providers a wide range of smaller players who do not necessarily use the right security measures to protect this data. " 

The positioning ran into In this case, through the company Microbilt, and on request from Motherboard, a price list was sent to the report, listing each offer:

Thus, the current location of a mobile phone number can be found for $ 4.95 and even monitor movements for $ 12.95. That prices are cheaper with the number of monitored devices, speaks a very unique language. And that the middleman calculated a whopping $ 300 clearly shows how lucrative this type of business is. 

That Amazon Alexa always listens and this and similar devices are thus installed in the gullible consent bugs within their own four walls, is now no longer a secret. Nor is it a secret that in fact every input on all devices connected to the world network is recorded, analyzed and added to the personal profile, as well as "online streaming" or sound recordings.

However, the Amazon company Ring goes one step further. Ring allows direct access to surveillance cameras, such as in-house or on-premises, and The Intercept reports that real-time mobile or tablet- based access is by no means restricted to the authorized user of the technology: 
"According to one source, since 2016 Ring has been hosting the Ukraine-based research and development group virtually unrestricted access to a folder on Amazon's S3 cloud available, which contained every video ever created by a ring camera worldwide. [...] Downloading and sharing these customer video files would have taken little more than a click. [...]

At the time when the access was made available in Ukraine, the video files were unencrypted [...]. The group in Ukraine has also been provided with a database that links every single video file to a specific Ring customer. " 

Even though there are still people who believe they have a" Tor Browser "or" VPN "would actually make them invisible, so such tools and tools make things harder for those people who really want to follow every step at best. Anonymity is a predominant illusion in today's technology age.

The Zuse calculator keeps track of every click and key entry. Almost everyone carries mobile bugs around today. Social media sell all tangible data, telephone service providers also location data. Alexa and the like hear our apartments and Ring saves all video recordings unencrypted in a "cloud". Speech Recognition, Face Recognition, Location, Profiling - "Jason Bourne" has long since arrived and the "Big Brother" has at least the opportunity to overhear. 

The only way to avoid this surveillance world, at least for a while, is to leave all equipment behind and take refuge in nature. But beware of strange noises in the sky: it could be a drone. 

Everything is going according to plan ... 

The night watchman


30 long-forgotten natural Indian remedies

When it comes to herbal remedies, many of us are familiar with the benefits of echinacea or rough coneflower as an antibiotic, willow bark as a painkiller, and aloe as a local anesthetic and for the treatment of skin conditions. But that's common knowledge, compared to the insights and treatments the Indians discovered and used. The Indians developed a wheel that is very similar to the yin / yang of Asian medicine.

What follows is a list of North American native plants, trees, fruits and flowers that are unique for their surprising benefits. If and when times are tough, it may be good to keep an eye on some of these old remedies. They are also good for everyday use considering how effective some of them can be. 

Luscious tea for throat infections is a good example. Also interesting is that these natural remedies are still in use today, including beeswax, pollen, chamomile and others. It is a good demonstration of the benefits of wisdom that has been developed over the centuries.

It is hard to say how the Indians chose the plants that have medicinal properties. It is said that they had observed sick animals eating certain plants and thought that this plant must have a certain property that is worth exploring. Since then, scientific studies have verified the medicinal value of many plants. In fact, the well-known aspirin is derived from salicin, a chemical in the inner bark of willow trees, which was used in antiquity against fever and pain.

These medications were usually administered via teas or ointments that were either taken or applied externally. Sometimes the plants were used as food supplement or added to the water. Occasionally, an ointment was used to open wounds. 

Here is a list of 30 long-forgotten Indian natural remedies: 

1. Alfalfa: Relieves digestion and is used to help with blood clotting, as well as in the treatment of arthritis, bladder kidney conditions and bone strength. It also strengthens the immune system. 

2. Aloe:A cactus-like plant. The thick leaves can be squeezed until a thick juice runs out, which can then be used to treat burns, insect bites and wounds. 

3. Aspen: The inner bark or xylem is used as tea to treat fever, cough and pain. It contains salicin, which was also found in willow trees and is the basic ingredient for aspirin. 

4. Pollen: When mixed with food it can promote energy and digestion and strengthen the immune system. If you're allergic to bee stings, you're probably allergic to pollen. 

5. Beeswax:Used as an ointment for burns and insect bites, including bee stings. Should only be used externally. 

6. Blackberry: The root, bark and leaves crushed and mixed in a tea is used to treat diarrhea and inflammation and stimulates the metabolism. As a gargle for the treatment of sore throat, mouth ulcers and gingivitis. 

7. Oregon raspberry: The roots of this plant are minced and drunk as tea or boiled and chewed to relieve cough, diarrhea and general intestinal disorders. 

8. Buckwheat: Seeds are used in soups or porridges to lower blood pressure, help with blood clotting and help against diarrhea. 

9. Cayenne pepper:It is used as a painkiller when it is taken with food or drunk in a tea. Also used for arthritis and indigestion. In wounds, it is used as a powder to stop blood flow and acts as an antiseptic and narcosis to numb the pain. 10. Camomile: The leaves and flowers are used as tea to treat intestinal problems and nausea. 11. Virginia Black Cherry:

It was used by the Native American tribes as a general purpose healing treatment. The berries were pitted, dried and given in tea to treat a variety of ailments. These include cough, colds, flu, nausea, inflammation and diarrhea. As an ointment, it was used to treat burns and wounds. The core of the bird cherry - similar to apple kernels - are toxic in high concentrations. Be sure to remove the cores before using them for anything. 

12. Echinacea: Also known as the purple sunhat, is a classic Indian medicine that is used to strengthen the immune system and combat infections and fever. It is also used as an antiseptic and for the general treatment of colds, cough and flu.

13. Eucalyptus: The oil from the leaves and the root is a common treatment when it is given in the tea to treat cough, sore throat, flu and fever. It is still used as an ingredient in cough sweets. 14. Fennel: A plant used in tea or chewed to treat cough, sore throat and digestive problems, as well as a general treatment for colds. It is also used in plaster form for eye relief and for headaches 15. Feverfew: Is used to date as a natural relief from fever and headache - even severe headaches such as migraine - it can also be used for digestive problems, asthma and Muscle and joint pain.

16. Feverwort: Another fever remedy used for general pain, itching and joint stiffness. It can be taken as tea, chewed or chopped into a paste. 

17. Ginger root: Another super plant in Native American medicine. The root was minced and then ingested as a tea or in the form of an ointment. It is still known for its ability to help digestive health, anti-inflammatory, circulation-enhancing and relieving joint pain - in addition, it is also used in bronchitis, colds, cough and flu. 

18. Ginseng:This is another herb that has a history going back millennia. The root was used by the Indians as a nutritional supplement, as a tea or as a patch to treat fatigue, to strengthen the immune system and throughout the liver and lung function. The leaves and stems were also used, but the root has the highest active ingredient concentration. 

19. Goldenrod: Frequently thought today that it is a source of allergy and sneezing, but it was actually used as another all-in-one medicine by the Native Americans. As a tea, food supplement or ointment it is used to treat bronchitis, colds, flu, inflammation, sore throat and as an antiseptic for cuts and abrasions. 

20. Honeysuckle:The berries, stems, flowers and leaves are used to treat bee stings and skin infections. As a tea, it is used to treat colds, headaches and sore throats. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. 

21. Hops: As a tea, it is used to treat digestive problems and is often mixed with other herbs or plants, such as aloe, to soothe the muscles. It is also used to relieve tooth and sore throat. 22. Sweetwood: The roots and leaves can be used for coughs, colds and sore throats. The root can also be chewed to relieve toothache. 23. Mullein:

This plant was used by the Native Americans to treat inflammation, cough and general lung ailments. 

24. Passionflower: The leaves and roots are used to make a tea that treats anxiety and muscle aches. As a patch, it is used for skin injuries such as burns or insect bites. 

25. Ackerklee: It grows everywhere and the flowers, leaves and roots are usually used as tea or as an additive in the food. It is used to treat inflammation, improve blood circulation and treat respiratory diseases. 

26. Rosehip:This is the red to orange berry, which is the fruit of wild roses. It is already known to be a massive source of vitamin C and when eaten whole, drunk as tea or added to foods, it is used to treat colds, coughs and intestinal problems, as well as an antiseptic and for the treatment of inflammation , 27. Rosemary: A member of the pine family and is used in tea to treat muscle aches, improve blood circulation and as a general cleanser for the metabolism. 28. Sage:

A widespread shrub spread over many parts of North America, it is a natural insect repellent and can also be used for the standard list of indigestion, colds and sore throats. 

29. Spearmint: Consistently used by Indian tribes to treat coughs, colds and shortness of breath, as well as a cure for diarrhea and stimulants for circulation. 

30. Valerian: The root as an infusion in a tea to relieve muscle pain and pain. It is also said to have a calming effect.

There are some excellent books on nature's remedies and the specific medicinal properties that Indian tribes had discovered. Natural remedies are worth considering, both from a historical and a potential practical perspective. Before using it, check with your doctor before using it. 

What do you think the Indians knew more about the medicine than they gave credit? 


Why Vaccines, Pesticides and Chemtrails Are the Top 3 Weapons of Mass Destruction

Before we go into more detail about these highly controversial issues, we need to clarify what we mean by these terms, because you always have to look at what they are for today's "science," politics, the environment, and, of course, the human Health and safety mean.

A Weapons of Mass Destruction is a chemical, nuclear, radiological or biological weapon capable of killing or severely damaging large numbers of people, not to mention the massive damage to manmade structures and the biosphere. 

Pesticides are the only toxic substances that are intentionally spread in our environment (and regularly) to kill living things. "Pesticide" is the generic term for substances that kill weeds (herbicides), insects (insecticides), fungi (fungicides) and rodents (rodenticides) or other agricultural pests (pests).

Chemtrails are part of a continuing mass distribution of biological waste products and pesticides in the air. At first they look like normal contrails in the sky, but they are easy to distinguish. Because they dissolve much slower, because they are not formed by a normal water-based condensation. Chemtrails are therefore much denser than contrails and often spread x or lattice in the sky. 
Vaccines are experimental injections of morbid drugs designed to cause an unnatural over-stimulating immune response in humans to mitigate the effects of later infections by "wild" pathogens. The efficacy of vaccines has never been conclusively proven either in theory or in practice.

In fact, "dead" or "weakened" microbes and viruses in the vaccinated person come to life again, provoking the most contagious disease that immunization should protect, and ensuring their spread. Even if the vaccinated victim does not get sick immediately from the inactive virus, well-known carcinogens and genetically modified organisms are now included in all vaccines, including flu shots, and can cause serious health damage in the short and long term.

Some of these agents or "adjuvants" are mercury (termed thiomersal), monosodium glutamate (MNG), formaldehyde (baling fluid), and aluminum (which can be shown to cause Alzheimer's disease). Not a single vaccine has ever proven to be safe for the human body despite paid studies published by the manufacturers. Today's vaccines have been proven to help spread more than 25 infectious diseases, including polio and measles. 

Biological and chemical weapons are used for population control in America and developing countries

No other country in the world has a greater interest in limiting population growth than the US, especially in eugenics - ethnic profiling and the hindered proliferation of the colored population - while the globalists and super-rich assert themselves, the minorities and underprivileged to help with "food" and "medications".

In fact, US law allows testing of chemical and biological agents in the civilian population. Although there is no such authorization, no democratic voting procedure protects the wellbeing of humans, animals and the environment. And many even declared philanthropists like Bill Gates or George Soros to support depopulation by funding, promoting and distributing genetically modified foods (carcinogenic, pesticide-laden foods) and vaccinating unsuspecting citizens with toxic substances.

Under the guise of charity, "unwanted" sections of the population are systematically eradicated by food and medicines that are supposed to help them. Vaccines such as those against DTaP and HPV make female teens infertile. The Kenya Catholic Doctors Association accuses UNICEF and WHO of sterilizing millions of girls at the start of their childbearing years under the guise of the "anti-tetanus" vaccine program (funded by the Kenyan government). Scientific studies by independent laboratories have shown that at least half a dozen of the tested tetanus vaccines from different regions of Kenya confirm the worst fears: they have tested positive for the hCG antigen contained in contraceptive vaccines.

Zika Virus Dizziness: Actually, Naled Exposure Causes The Birth Defects That Bring Mass Media Back to Zika 

Right now, in a 25-square-kilometer area in Miami-Dade County, one approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Health Department CDC War against humans instead - under the pretext of Zika virus fraud. The highly toxic insecticide "Naled" contains dibromo, which has been proven to cause birth defects in humans even at low concentrations. Ultimately, this is where a weapon of mass destruction is used in the name of insect control - and the US population has been so stupefied by fluoridated water and pharmaceuticals that it actually believes the government cares about it and wants to help.


Merkel Unser

On September 18, 2005, the election for the 16th German Bundestag and all the people who had been living in Germany for a long time were called upon to appoint their new government. When then on this election evening a visibly drunk old chancellor Gerhard Schroeder had talked a bit derogatory about Angela Merkel, certainly no one could have guessed what development would take our country from there.

Since this fateful day, the current Chancellor is in office and is obviously more determined than ever that it will stay that way. No matter what comes, it just keeps on running, as if nothing happened at all. Government chaos, refugee crisis, stress with the CSU, "I would not know what we should have done differently," she said after the last general election in September 2017, after the mind worst performance for the CDU since 1949. How the story will judge them once , that is really hard to predict today, but I think I can already see a direction.

The words "unique" and "huge changes for Germany" will certainly be found in these texts often, but in a very different context, because the whole tenor, so the general statement that will be devastating, that's already certain. Anyone who observes the drastic changes in our country today with open eyes can not help but call the effects of the policy under Merkel absolutely catastrophic. In July 2018, according to a survey, the Union was at only 28% in the electorate, the lowest value ever mind.

And if that's good news for many people, then I have to argue because it's not good news for me at all, when 28% of respondents still have not figured out how we're being ripped off and being lied to an audacity that is really hard to bear. And because I wanted to have it in black and white, as the balance sheet of the reign Merkel looks like, I simply entered the search query: "Merkel's error". I already had such a guess, but this result I was more than surprised. This list, and it certainly is not complete, is the result of 13 years of incompetence, guilt, lobbying and completely irrational behavior of the politically responsible here in Germany ....

Chemotherapy fails in 97% of cases! But doctors still recommend it - why?

Chemotherapy fails in 97% of cases! But doctors still recommend it - why? 
The only reason why chemotherapy is still used today is because it is a huge profit maker. Your life is not as important as money when it comes to big pharma.

Cancer is the second most common cause of death here in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (something the same as the Paul Ehrlich Institute in Germany) about every fourth death is caused by cancer. In 2014 alone, 591,686 people died of cancer. 

Conventional cancer treatment is nothing but radiation, chemo and surgery. However, when you think about the major side effects of chemotherapy and how ineffective it really is for most, it seems worth nothing to them. Especially considering the different forms of alternative medicine that have proven to be much more efficient.

As you will see below, there are quite a few doctors who have been talking for some time about the dangers and inefficiencies of chemotherapy. While most will try to do their best to discredit these doctors, they speak nothing but the truth. Peter Glidden, as you will see below, is well rounded and knows exactly what he is talking about. 


is the only reason why chemotherapy is used that doctors make money with it - period. It does not work in 97 percent of the cases. If the Ford Motor Company made a car that exploded 97 percent of the time, would they still be in business? "-Peter Glidden

Chemotherapy is extremely expensive and most of the time the families of those who happen to be left to deal with the medical bills that pile up. A study titled, "Neoadjuvant chemotherapy induces breast cancer metastasis through a TMEM-mediated mechanism" has actually proven that cancer treatment can cause deadly tumors. 

This research came from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine suggesting that while chemotherapy may be able to shrink a cancerous tumor, it can not get rid of it. It merely sends the cancer cells away and spreads them apart. As a result, they are sent to other parts of the body and not removed. These cells slowly reassemble and, over time, form a new tumor.

The cancer industry is worth billions that benefit from chemotherapy will never end. People need to know that there are alternative treatments that work. Chemotherapy is not the only option. We deserve better, we deserve to live.