Found from home 19 years old NOKIA 3310, 70% was charged battery

Swapnal Sonal: Nowadays there is a huge demand for smartphones in the market which has made people forget about other phones. But there was also a phone in the world of mobile phones that made history. This phone was a NOKIA 3310. The battery was strong and lasted longer.

Now it is reported that one person has found the old NOKIA 3310 phone from the closed closet, they got it today after 19 years. Even today the NOKIA 3310 battery was found to be 70% charged.

Kevin Moody, who lives in England, is associated with the construction business. They found an old NOKIA 3310 phone from a closet in the house, the phone rang. They found this phone while they were searching for a key in the house. He bought this phone 19 years ago. When he saw this phone was on and his battery was 70% charged. Did you know that Nokia launched this phone NOKIA 3310 in 2000. This phone was a huge success in the market.

Nokia Company launches new model 3310 in 2017 The phone was launched in a total of 3 variants. It also offered 3G and 4G connectivity.

Know the benefits of joint pain or bone strength, the benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil is natural and contains no harmful chemicals. That's why keep your conditioner, oil cream and lotion on the side, and use refined coconut oil to take care of the skin and hair. Coconut oil is very beneficial to our health. Learn about some of the benefits of coconut…

Coconut oil contains a high amount of carbohydrates, along with a very small amount of calories that will keep your appetite under control.

Consuming coconut oil strengthens bones. Coconut oil also removes the risk of joint pain from osteoporosis, such as osteoporosis.

Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids that are beneficial to our body and our brain. That's why use coconut oil to make a meal every day.

Coconut oil intake increases the enzyme's ability to produce in the pancreas, and in addition, it works to increase the level of insulin in our body, thereby controlling the amount of sugar in our body.

Smallpox is an episode of Vitamin B12 deficiency

Friends you all know that nowadays there are increasing cases of B12 deficiency in the society, not only that people have to get B12 injections. Aryam Bharatam studies and researches for such ailments and works to spread awareness in the society. Keeping in mind that our body is always healthy and healthy, our sages have created various festivals. Friends We all know that B12 is only for non-vegetarian diets. If our ancestors were pure, how would they live ... so let's know in detail ...

Friends, you all already know that food is cooked on the sixth day of cooking, the day of the seventh, the food cooked on the sixth is eaten cold on the seventh day. These foods produce bacteria that go into our body and create B12 that does not allow our body to become deficient in B12 for the next 25 years.

Although this remedy is not so easy, one thing to keep in mind is that this food is not rubbed with iodine salt and you should not eat iodized salt for a few days even after taking this diet. Because the intestinal intake of iodine in the body destroys the bacteria of B12. And so there is vitamin B12 deficiency.

Therefore, if possible, use the Sindalun (Indus salt) for cooking this time every day or forever, which brings many benefits to the body. On the seventh day, do not eat any kind of hot meal nor drink hot tea. Shri R. R., a scientist at Bhabha Research Center. N. According to the resource done by Vermaji, if Bitha Satam is celebrated in the same way, there will never be a problem of Vitamin.

Do you search for these things on Google? So be aware! It can get you into trouble.

Many Hollywood stars have repeatedly complained that they are being spied on by Google or Facebook. And this complaint is largely true. Have you ever felt that you searched on Google to get some information and then started emailing you about the same thing, or even started writing articles or advertising on your Facebook wall.

This is a common experience for many people who use the Internet. Most people have had this kind of experience. Understand this as a kind of raft on your personal life. If you have to be careful about that, then our article today is providing information for that.

Let you know that Facebook has violated your privacy by sharing your personal information with big companies and has been fined millions of dollars for it. In England and in some countries in Europe, even direct victims of Facebook account holders have been compensated but Facebook users are not getting any protection and their data is also used without bargaining because of such laws in India.

What you should do to avoid being spied on in this way. You should not do some kind of search in Google search engine for this. So let's know about this search.

Do not search for your own identity on Google.

You should never search your own data on Google Engine. Because your rouge information is recorded in google and frequently searched for it is in danger of being leaked which can then be used in various ways.

Never research Google to find out about medicines

Doing so will not hurt you very much, but if you search for a drug on Google search engine, you will get some public news about your drug or email on your facebook etc soon.

And not only the medicine but also the information about the illness that the drug will be for, as well as the effects of how it can be cured, its symptoms, etc. You will also find articles full of everything on your Facebook account.

Do not search your own e-mail id

Along with your identity, you should not search your e-mail id too often on Google so your password may be leaked and your account may be hacked after the password has been leaked. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of e-mail accounts hacked in the world, with numerous complaints lodged in cyber-cells.

Do not search for insecure information

You should never search on Google search engine to get any insecure information. If that is the case then that kind of advertisement will start to appear on your email or facebook account etc. However, this also applies to secure search.

If you search for a car or search for a fancy cream, then if your Google account is linked to email as well as Facebook then it will start raining on such information. This way you will know that you are being chased on social media too

Never search Google on suspicious things

Local as well as international cyber-cell surveillance is always around the clock on suspicious online activity. Yes your objective is to get information only. However, if you frequently look for such things, you can get in trouble and you are likely to be jailed after your account is banned.

If you look at this, Amazon's Alexa and Google's home speaker device not only give you typing but also give you information on the spot by asking not only to look inside your personal life as it records your conversations and also shares information Also uses for benefits. So if you can avoid using it, then it's best to turn off the device when you don't need it.

Vivo will launch the cheapest 5G smartphone so far on August 22, Learn its special features

5G smartphones will still need time to be mainstream. So far companies like Samsung, Huawei and OnePlus have released the 5G version of their premium flagship smartphone in some markets. Although these phones have been dropped into the premium category, they are also expensive. Companies like Realme and Vivo are planning to bring in cheap 5G smartphones. Realme had come up against plans to bring 5G phones at low cost. But it seems that Realme has already completed the preparations for bringing a cheap phone to Vivo 5G and may be launched as iQOO Pro 5G.

According to sources, iQOO Pro 5G will be the cheapest 5G smartphone in the Indian market after launching in China on August 22. No information is currently available about the price of this smartphone. It is estimated that this could be a mid-range smartphone.

Speaking of India, there is no need to get more excited about the 5G smartphone in India as there is no commercial launch of 5G services yet. 5G services will be launched soon in the country. Currently, Realme can also launch its 5G phones in India.

Speaking of iQOO Pro, this flagship smartphone will be given a 6.41 inch FHD + AMOLED display along with a waterdrop notch. It will also have a smartphone with Snapdragon 855 Plus processor. It can provide up to 12GB of RAM and up to 512GB of internal memory. The smartphone will be given a 4,410mAH battery with 48MP + 13MP + 12MP triple rear camera and 44W fast charging support.

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| Airtel will be hitting Jio, customers will get this special benefit

Reliance's Geofiber Broadband service, Geo Postpaid Service and many other services were recently announced during Reliance AGM. No other offer has been announced from Airtel, another restricted company. All eyes are on Airtel. People want to see what new offer Airtel will bring against Geo this time? In the meantime, according to sources, the company is about to refresh its services and this time the focus is on premium customers to maintain ARPU.

According to sources, the company is working on an 'Airtel Black' package under its Airtel Thanks program. This plan will get more premium features. According to the information available, this package will be made available to customers who have a plan of Rs. 999 or more.

Under this package a bundle of premium apps, access to OTT platforms, discounts on international roaming, discounts on consumer brands and deals will be offered on a better offer than another company. Airtel Black will help the company to appease lower tier Airtel Thanks users with higher premium plans.

Airtel is currently offering Rs 499 per month starting postpaid plans. The base plan will offer up to 75GB 3G / 4G data rollover, unlimited local / STD roaming calls, three months of Netflix access, free Amazon Prime and Airtel Thanks rewards for one year.

The Airtel Airtel Thanks Program was launched in October last year. It offers more value added services to the customers. Under this program, customers are given access to OTT platforms for limited time and exclusive offers on phones.

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Planning a new scheme to provide employment to the unemployed in the society.

A new scheme for the unemployed

To employ the unemployed in the society
Ashok in 0% down payment
Leland's Dost Dala registration has begun.

Document for registration

1). Support card

2) .Election card

3) .Light bills

4) .Photo yourself

(Alto Car, CNG Rickshaw, ECCO, Bolero Brass, Super Mango Brass and Atul Stickers too
Registration is on.)

(Just fill in the RTO and pay the money right away.)

Alpha Chowdhury Famous in tik tok Leave the police job

Alpha Chowdhury Famous in tik tok
Leave the police job

Make it your own government job
Leaving will now join the music field

Learn why

Towards a Daglu Youth Employment

Youth Employment Scheme

Towards a Daglu Youth Employment

For all the youth of all societies living in North Gujarat

Without paying a single rupee
Install Tata Zest XE Diesel Car

Taxi, A / C pwoer steering, power window,
Air bag, abs with Ebd, Rto with insurance

An easy 60 installments of Rs 16,000- / Rs per month.

Youth Employment Scheme

Towards a Daglu Youth Employment

For all the youth of all societies living in North Gujarat

Without paying a single rupee
Install Tata Zest XE Diesel Car

Taxi, A / C pwoer steering, power window,
Air bag, abs with Ebd, Rto with insurance

An easy 60 installments of Rs 16,000- / Rs per month.

Geeta Rabari went to Bodar and tied the countrymen with cash

Published on 15 August 2019

Geeta Rabari went to Bodar and kept the countrymen there

Gitaben Rabari who is proud of Gujarat for not leaving the country
It worked

That to this day there is no person in India who has done this work

Because this is an important thing for the countrymen and for the country

Because night and day wake up and protect the country

For the sake of the country, no problem to the call of the country on the Border
Doing his duty

Hachvi ne rakhajo bhagavan jagdish thakor ne|| sm Thakor;,NR Thakor ||full HD video

Published on 14 Aug 2019

Song=Hachvine Ne Rakhajo Bhagavan jagdish thakor ne/ હચવી ને રાખજો ભગવાન જગદીશ ઠાકોર ને

Singar=S M Thakor

Artist=N R Thakor 'S M Thakor

Lyrics=Anil Thaki

Music=Kaushik Bhojan

Producer=Mathur ii Thakor .  Ramesh ji Thakor

Video Director=Ramesh ji Thakor, Mahesh raj laxmioura

This Indian player is a fan of getting out at zero, saying - not enough to play in ODIs. General Chat Chat Lounge

New Delhi: Indian team's wicketkeeper batsman Rishabh Pant was once again dismissed at zero in the third ODI against West Indies. Pant scored 0, 4, 65, 20, 0 in the T20 and ODI series on the Windies tour.

Pant's irresponsible attitude is also said to have hurt the team. In the third ODI, Pant lost his wicket in the first ball. Pant's irresponsible bad shot has aroused cricket fans against him. Fans are questioning his batting on social media. Fans have said that Pant is still not ready for the format of International Cricket, especially Limited Over.

Let us tell you that Team India is constantly giving Pant a chance at No. 4, but that is proving to be a constant flop. Pant has disappointed at No.4 if left half a century left in the final match of the T20 series against the West Indies. Looking at Pant, he seems to have no value for his wicket.

In the semi-finals of the World Cup, Pant lost his wicket after playing a bad shot. Looking at Pant, he seems to like batting in just one style. He can't play a single double like Shreyas Iyer.

Against the first look of LG's 5G smartphone, know what's special

LG Electronics on Monday released a video showing a glimpse of its second 5G smartphone. It has two screens which can be separated. The smartphone will be launched next month.

According to media reports, LG plans to launch the smartphone at IFA in Berlin on September 6, four months after launching the ThinQ V50. IFA 2019 is Europe's largest tech show. According to the report, the company has released a 15-second video titled 'Dual The Better'. The two-screen smartphone has been shown. The Korean smartphone maker has said that the new phone uses 'free stop hinge' technology.

Which enables another screen to be positioned or folded like a laptop. It is likely that the new 5G phone will be named V60, which will get strong competition from Samsung's Galaxy Note. Samsung's Galaxy Note launches on August 10, while the Galaxy Fold will launch in September.

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Are you also waiting for a 5G network, be careful why

5G service has been launched in China. 5G speeds are up to 15 times higher than 4G speeds, and users can get data at 2.5GB per second. But if the 5G network arrives, its radiation can cause harm to birds and us, according to information that can cause serious illness like cancer.

Different countries and people have made different statements regarding the electromagnetic radiation used in smartphones. Many experts claim that 5G can cause many types of cancer. In 2014, the World Health Organization said in its report that a smartphone network could threaten health. However, a handover from the International Agency for Research on Cancer to the World Health Organization could tell that cancer is caused by radio frequency radiation. Let's say the mobile signal works only on radio frequency.

According to sources, 5G is a threat to humans and creatures. 5G also threatens the security of the nation and it will have a bad impact on the health of men. It can cause serious illnesses like brain cancer and Alzheimer's. However, scientists have not confirmed this claim.

Many of you may know that radiation emanates from X-rays, FM radios, and computers. There are two types of radiation. The first ionizing and the second non-ionizing. Non-ionizing radiation is weak and is not capable of breaking the chemical bonds to the human body. FM radio and Wi-Fi come in a series of non-ionizing. On the other hand, the ionizing series contains X-rays and gamma rays which are dangerous for health. So, this is not harmful for 5G Health, but being closer to a 24 hour 5G network is more dangerous for Health.

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Realme's smartphone with 64MP camera ready, learn about the launch of the Pro and X series

Smartphone company Realme will launch its Nexus product 64 megapixel camera soon. This phone is the first phone in the world to have a 64MP camera. Along with Realmi, Xiaomi will also launch the phone with 64 megapixel camera soon. Although there is currently no further information on when this phone will be launched.

According to media reports, Realme has confirmed that its 64 megapixel camera phone will be launched in China on August 15. On August 8, 64 MP quad cameras will showcase the setup technology in India. The company has named the event 'Camera Innovation Event'. The company had earlier tweeted on August 2.

The company tweeted that it was ready for the world's first 4 camera phones and 64 megapixel phones. The company also tweeted that the next generation of Realme Series Pro and X series will be launched before Diwali.

Coming Soon New Feature, You Can Use WhatsApp Without The Internet In Phone

WhatsApp requires the Internet to be used on the web. If the phone is a bit slow on the net, WhatsApp disconnects immediately from the web. But now is not the time to worry about this. That means you can use WhatsApp Web even if the phone doesn't have internet.

WABetaInfo has just announced that it is currently working on the Universal Windows platform. Along with this, a multi-platform system will be offered in which you can use WhatsApp on the web even if your phone is switched off. Currently, the phone should be net full only if you can use WhatsApp on the web. WhatsApp disconnects immediately if your phone has Net Slow on or off. But now the problem will soon be solved.

What's the benefit after the new update arrives?

WABetaInfo reports that in this new system, users can login to a single account on several devices simultaneously. There are many benefits that come with the WhatApp UWP App, which can run the same account on Android and iOS devices. Then whatApp can be accessed using the WhatApp UWP app on the web even if the phone does not have internet.

It is worth mentioning that this app is currently under development. Very soon it can be launched and the customer can benefit.

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Indian Air Force mobile game to hit PUBG, features will be fun to know

Indian Air Force launches Air Combat Game The game is named after Indian Air Force: A cut above. The fun of the game is that more than 1 million people have downloaded it on the first day of the game's launch.

Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa launches this Combat Based Mobile Game. The purpose of the game is to get the Youth Aware about the Indian Air Force and make them watch the Air Force and move on.

This game is designed for mobile and has many modes. These include training, single player and free flight. Other than that, the game interface tells about Indian Air Force. This mobile game will be available for Android and iOS and you can download it from the Google Playstore.

Indian Air Force: A cut above has 10 missions, with different storylines. You will get flights, transport and helicopters. The game can also be played offline. This means that even if your mobile does not have internet, you will be able to play this game comfortably,

The Indian Air Force: A cut above game also offers multi-player options whereby you can connect and play online with different people like Pabji. The game also features Augmented Reality, which will improve its experience.

During the game training session, users will be told how the aircraft handle is handled. There will also be information about Indian Air Force Weapons.

Two modes will be offered in the multi-player game. The first one will be Squad vs Squad where two different groups can play. The second mode will be the free mode in which you will be considered a survivor player until the very end of the game. The user will have the option to use the Long Range Missile. However, this can only be done in single player versions for a while. The multi-player feature is set to launch by October.

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Cricket returns to Commonwealth Games after 24 years, to know who won the gold medal

New Delhi: The Commonwealth Games Federation has announced on Tuesday the inclusion of women's T20 cricket in the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England. The Commonwealth Games, scheduled to take place in Birmingham in 2022, are planned from July 27 to August 7, with an estimated 45,000 athletes participating in 18 sports.

Not only cricket but beach volleyball and para table tennis have also made it to the Commonwealth Games. This will be the largest women's and women's sports event in the history of the tournament.

Speaking of cricket, 8 international teams will take part in the T20 tournament and all matches will be played at Edgbaston Cricket Ground. This is the first time since 1998 when cricket entry has been made at the Commonwealth Games. Thus, after 24 years, cricket is returning to the Commonwealth Games. South Africa won the gold medal in the men's-50 over match at the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur in 1998.

These 7 things never do after eating, sharing information is important.

Did you know that there are some common things we do after meals that can affect your health after a while?

About the things we are about to talk about that you should never do after eating.

Cold water

Drinking cold water should be avoided immediately after meals. Cold water does not allow food to be read evenly, which often increases the chance of constipation.


Many people have the habit of eating fruit immediately after meals, but be aware that special enzymes like this are needed to protect the fruit and take longer to digest the fruit. Therefore, eating fruit immediately after eating can also cause digestive problems, flatulence etc.


Many people may have told you that the best thing to do after a meal is to walk, but researchers believe that you should wait at least half an hour before going for a walk. If not done, it can have a bad effect on the body.


We all know how bad smoking is for health, but smoking should never be done after eating, because smoking cigarettes after smoking is equivalent to smoking ten cigarettes. So the ground should never be smoked. This increases the risk of colon cancer and lung cancer.


Sleepiness is the thing we need in our lives. But if you fall asleep immediately after a meal, you may feel discomfort or discomfort or sometimes your abnormal sleeping patterns may also occur in your sleeping habits. This is why you should stop sleeping immediately after eating and get involved in some other activity.

Tea and coffee

Tea and coffee are both beneficial to the body if consumed on time and in certain quantities. And there is also a saying in Gujarati that there is no high speed, which means that the exaggeration of nothing is good. Most nutritionists advise that tea should be consumed at least an hour after meals.

The good news for Jio users came, this service will make all the work easier

Team VTV 06:49 PM, 30 Jul 19 | Updated: 06:51 PM, 30 Jul 19

Reliance Jio launches new digital assistant Saarthi Voice based Assistant Saarthi is provided in the My Jio App for users. The company has unveiled this special digital recharge. Android and iOS users will be able to easily recharge the phone through it.

How Saarthi Assistant Works:

First of all, if you do not see this feature app open, then you need to install the latest version of My Jio app. In order to use a digital assistant, users first have to click on the recharge button, then you will see this icon.

Through the Jio summary, the user will receive all the latest information related to recharge as well as every new and latest pack Along with this, you can easily recharge your Jio number with the help of Jio. The user will also be able to make all payments for his recharge through credit or debit card.

This Assistant Jio will guide the user about the entire recharge process step-by-step. It will also tell you where to find your card number and where to enter it. Reliance Jio has just launched this feature in English and Hindi languages ​​but soon the company is also planning to launch this service in 12 regional languages ​​of India.

Find out which app is dangerous for phones by Jio App:

With the My Jio App we can easily know which app is Risk for phone and which is safe. First of all you have to go to My Jio App. Scroll down to get the Jio Security option. It has to go to 'App Advisor'.

Mukesh Ambani has come forward to fulfill this dream of PM Modi

Reliance Industries has announced the largest foreign investment to the country so far. Mukesh Ambani said Saudi Aramco would buy a 20 percent stake in Reliance's O2C (Oil to Chemical), which has an enterprise value of $ 75 billion.

Reliance Industry (RIL) has received the largest investment in the history of the company. In fact, Saudi Arabia's company 'Saudi Aramco' will invest 20 percent in Reliance's oil and chemical division. This information was given by Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industry. Addressing the Annual General Meeting, Mukesh Ambani said, "We have achieved a new destination for investing abroad." According to Mukesh Ambani, RIL has signed a Saudi Aramco agreement. For this, it will cost $ 75 billion.

-Mukesh Ambani informed about different segment growth of the company. He said oil and gas is the main engine of CY Geo and president of retail growth. Reliance retail business and Geo have proved the critics wrong. These two are among the top 10 companies in their segment.

$ 5 trillion economy

Mukesh Ambani has trusted the Modi government's $ 5 trillion economy target. "At present, India's economy is sluggish but this is temporary," he said. In the past, PM Modi spoke of India's economy as a target of $ 5 trillion. Which is becoming possible going forward.

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(Zodiac August 12, 2019: Learn, how will your day be?

Aries - Your interest in religious and spiritual topics will be seen today, respect will increase in the society. Today, opponents will be defeated and travel will gain. Today is the sum of the expenditure so control the expenditure. Destiny will support 63 percent.

Taurus - Today, it is possible to get less profit according to hard work. Work will be hampered and travel should be avoided if possible. Drive the vehicle cautiously today, otherwise there is a possibility of injury. Take care of your health today and maintain your confidence. Fortune will support 84 percent.

Gemini - Today you can start new employment, love and happiness will be found in marital life. For non-married people, marriage can go on and on in the house. Today, fortune will support 77 percent.

Kirk - Today, there will be success after the conflict, today there is a possibility of new work. Today, your influence will increase and family life will find joy. Can buy today and will support 69 percent of luck.

Lion - Today the trade will be modest and the expenses will be spent on entertainment. You will benefit from your talents and build a new identity. Today in your field of work, your plan will succeed and luck will support 79 percent.

Girls - Don't start a new job today and be careful about finances. Do not invest risky today, it can lead to loss. Do not fall into controversy today, control anger. Fortune will support 44 percent.

Libra - today you will see the enthusiasm and business is likely to benefit. The new contacts you create today and the benefits will come in the future. Today, you will find interest in learning something new for career advancement. Fortune will support 82 percent.

Scorpio - beware of trading today and take caution before investing capital. Do not lend to anyone today. Health will be soft and anyone today may have a dispute, be patient. Fortune will support 45 percent.

Money - Today, there will be opportunities for growth in business, don't give up on other people, work today will bring success. Problems can be seen in family life today. Today is a good day for those connected with art and literature. Fortune will support 78 percent.

Capricorn - Today income will be less and expenses will be higher, control spending today. You have to travel without work today. Today, mates are suspected of having an affair. Today, fortune will support 52 percent.

Aquarius - Your income will increase today and relieve the long hassle. There will be joy in the family and new opportunities in the work area. Your wish can be fulfilled today. Fortune will support 90 percent.

Pisces - Today there will be benefits and success in the field of work. With today's luck, the work done today is likely to be the same. Fortune will support 95 percent. - Ashutosh Varshani

Two brothers who became millionaires in 5 years by making milk from shampoo, somewhere you haven't even bought their poisonous milk.

There are many shortcuts to making money in this world, but the sooner you get rich with this road, the sooner your pole opens up to the world. This was done by two brothers from Madhya Pradesh who had fooled people for many years and now come to the hands of the police. Milk is used in almost every house and in this case if you find out that the packet of milk is made from shampoo then you will probably vote, but this is the truth. Two brothers became millionaires in 5 years by making milk from shampoo, and so did Arrest.

Two brothers became millionaires in 5 years by making milk from shampoo

Milk is considered as a complete diet which can be taken from infants to the elderly. Cows, buffalo and goat's milk are usually consumed by people, but if you find out that milk is being made from shampoo, will it go down your throat? No, the milk you are taking home and drinking off the packet is actually poison. Police have arrested two such brothers who used to sell and sell milk from shampoo and their business has been running for the last seven years. The Murayana Special Task Force (STF) of Madhya Pradesh has arrested Devendra Gurjar and Javier Gurjar and for the past several years, they have made so much money from the fake milk business that in three years, three bungalows, many SUVs, milk tankers, land for cultivation. And became the owner of two packet-off milk factory.

According to the STF, two brothers who have been distributing milk in the form of milk have been delivering milk from their bikes on a dairy farm in Murayana for seven years. When profits started, their black business started to freeze. Only milk made at Rs 6 was sold in the market for 25 rupees.

Supply was happening here

Both brothers made glucose, urea, refined oil, milk powder, water and synthetic milk from shampoo. Then it lost its hold not only in Madhya Pradesh but also in many cities like Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. In the fake business of counterfeit milk, Devendra Gurjar along with some other owners of Chambal's Dairy have also been registered in the FIR which has become rich in just 7 years.

5 0 August 10, 2019


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Former finance minister Arun Jaitley's health worsened, admitted to AIIMS

File image: Arun Jaitley

Former finance minister Arun Jaitley and Bharatiya Janata Party leader Arun Jaitley were admitted to AIIMS on Friday night. They were hospitalized following a cardiac complaint in the chest. However, their health is still normal. It is being said that BJP national president Amit Shah had arrived in AIIMS to meet him.
Arun Jaitley has been diagnosed with kidney disease for some time now. Due to poor health, they refused to accept the finance minister's post in the cabinet in 2019.

Modi government to buy billions of weapons for army

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has decided to buy weapons technology worth about Rs. 3,000 crore, including two BrahMos supersonic cruise missile batteries for the Indian Army, at the meeting of its first Defense Capture Conference. Two mobile missile coastal batteries have been purchased for the Navy.

The country's Navy will deploy Rs 100 crore BrahMos supersonic cruise missile batteries. Which has the ability to destroy any enemy country's warships. According to government sources, the Navy wants to replace its existing system with the use of two BrahMos missile batteries that are outdated.

Defense Ministry to decide on buying two BrahMos missile coastal batteries to tackle enemy warships

Read @ANI Story |

- ANI Digital (@ani_digital) August 7, 2019

It is worth mentioning here that the meeting will be held on Thursday. In which the Minister of Defense is considering several acquisitions from India and abroad. The central government has tightened security arrangements in Kashmir after the removal of Article 4. As well, the situation is being monitored with a keen eye for a variety of issues.

Wailing in Pakistan! Gold is being sold at twice the price of India

It is very difficult for citizens of any country to bear the rising inflation. And if inflation increases by hundreds of thousands, just like in countries like Venezuela and Zimbabwe, the economy of any country shrinks. Inflation becomes more dangerous at that time. When any country is sunk into an awful lot of debt. Something similar happens in Pakistan.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is suffering from inflation, seems helpless at present. After the price of petrol and diesel, gold prices have now reached the highest level in the country. As you can tell, the price of gold has risen to 1750 Pakistani rupees per 10 grams since Friday.

The price in Pakistan is twice that of India

10 grams of gold is priced at Rs 37,920 per 10 grams in India. In Pakistan, currently the price of gold is Rs 86,250 per 10 grams. That is, India has twice the prices.

Indian Railway's big announcement, now passengers will get this free facility on the running train

Traveling in Indian Railways will now double. Because Indian Railways has decided to give passengers a wonderful facility. With this facility, the long-haul passengers on Indian Railways will be very good. Nowadays, if a person travels by train, he or she likes to carry things like smartphones, laptops, tablets.

This is because one can make their trip enjoyable. They travel in advance to watch things like mobiles, laptops, videos, movies, web series, but their planning gets messed up when the running train has lost its internet connection. Even though there are passenger smartphones and laptops that do not have internet connection, they cannot watch videos, web series.

Now Indian Railways is moving this facility to the free of cost. Indian Railways is now preparing a video streaming service for travelers. Passengers will not have to pay any payment for this service. Through this new video streaming service, travelers will be able to watch all the things like videos, movies, web series through the internet.

Although no suggestion has been received for the new railway service yet, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has given the signal through his tweet. He wrote in a tweet that he would soon see his favorite movie, music, video show etc. on the train. Indian Railways is talking to RailTel for this facility as per the news yet to come.

It is to be noted that RailTel offers free WiFi facilities at many Indian Railway stations. That is why it is believed that the Indian Railways can start the service by communicating with RailTel. Under this, the train will also have WiFi facility, which will also be able to be accessed through Internet services on passenger trains.