Are you also waiting for a 5G network, be careful why

5G service has been launched in China. 5G speeds are up to 15 times higher than 4G speeds, and users can get data at 2.5GB per second. But if the 5G network arrives, its radiation can cause harm to birds and us, according to information that can cause serious illness like cancer.

Different countries and people have made different statements regarding the electromagnetic radiation used in smartphones. Many experts claim that 5G can cause many types of cancer. In 2014, the World Health Organization said in its report that a smartphone network could threaten health. However, a handover from the International Agency for Research on Cancer to the World Health Organization could tell that cancer is caused by radio frequency radiation. Let's say the mobile signal works only on radio frequency.

According to sources, 5G is a threat to humans and creatures. 5G also threatens the security of the nation and it will have a bad impact on the health of men. It can cause serious illnesses like brain cancer and Alzheimer's. However, scientists have not confirmed this claim.

Many of you may know that radiation emanates from X-rays, FM radios, and computers. There are two types of radiation. The first ionizing and the second non-ionizing. Non-ionizing radiation is weak and is not capable of breaking the chemical bonds to the human body. FM radio and Wi-Fi come in a series of non-ionizing. On the other hand, the ionizing series contains X-rays and gamma rays which are dangerous for health. So, this is not harmful for 5G Health, but being closer to a 24 hour 5G network is more dangerous for Health.

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