Coming Soon New Feature, You Can Use WhatsApp Without The Internet In Phone

WhatsApp requires the Internet to be used on the web. If the phone is a bit slow on the net, WhatsApp disconnects immediately from the web. But now is not the time to worry about this. That means you can use WhatsApp Web even if the phone doesn't have internet.

WABetaInfo has just announced that it is currently working on the Universal Windows platform. Along with this, a multi-platform system will be offered in which you can use WhatsApp on the web even if your phone is switched off. Currently, the phone should be net full only if you can use WhatsApp on the web. WhatsApp disconnects immediately if your phone has Net Slow on or off. But now the problem will soon be solved.

What's the benefit after the new update arrives?

WABetaInfo reports that in this new system, users can login to a single account on several devices simultaneously. There are many benefits that come with the WhatApp UWP App, which can run the same account on Android and iOS devices. Then whatApp can be accessed using the WhatApp UWP app on the web even if the phone does not have internet.

It is worth mentioning that this app is currently under development. Very soon it can be launched and the customer can benefit.

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