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Modi government to buy billions of weapons for army

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has decided to buy weapons technology worth about Rs. 3,000 crore, including two BrahMos supersonic cruise missile batteries for the Indian Army, at the meeting of its first Defense Capture Conference. Two mobile missile coastal batteries have been purchased for the Navy.

The country's Navy will deploy Rs 100 crore BrahMos supersonic cruise missile batteries. Which has the ability to destroy any enemy country's warships. According to government sources, the Navy wants to replace its existing system with the use of two BrahMos missile batteries that are outdated.

Defense Ministry to decide on buying two BrahMos missile coastal batteries to tackle enemy warships

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- ANI Digital (@ani_digital) August 7, 2019

It is worth mentioning here that the meeting will be held on Thursday. In which the Minister of Defense is considering several acquisitions from India and abroad. The central government has tightened security arrangements in Kashmir after the removal of Article 4. As well, the situation is being monitored with a keen eye for a variety of issues.