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Tata Sky is coming to Broadband to offer Jio a special offer, get 6 months free service, Learn

The launch of Geo Fiber is coming to a close and various broadband companies have begun the preparations. In this order, Tata Sky Broadband is offering three to six months of additional free service. The company is offering users three to six months of additional free service on its annual plan in select cities. Tata Sky Broadband customers are getting an additional 12 months offer on the purchase of an 18 month plan in Jodhpur. However, additional offers for 12 months are not available in other cities.

Plus there are unlimited plans in many cities and additional validity on certain GB plans in some cities. According to the information available on the Tata Sky Broadband website, ISP's customers in Bangalore, Chennai, Pimpri Chhindwara and Pune get free 3 month facility for 12 months on Unlimited or Fix GB plan. In addition, Tata Sky Broadband subscribers in Hyderabad are getting 6 months of additional service free on any unlimited annual payment plan. While Lucknow users are getting 5 months extra service. Extra free service is available to subscribers on the other two fixed GB plans.

It is to be noted that Tata Sky Broadband's unlimited plan comes with SUP, which depends on the plan. As the limit of data available every month expires, the Internet speed decreases to 1 Mbps. In the ISP plan, subscribers receive data rollover support, which means that users will be able to use the rest of their data next month. Tata Sky Broadband has recently released a new unlimited plan. In the scheme launched in June, users are getting a free router. Internet speed and plan vary from city to city. Tata Sky Broadband is available in 21 cities, you can find information about this plan by visiting the company website.

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