These 7 things never do after eating, sharing information is important.

Did you know that there are some common things we do after meals that can affect your health after a while?

About the things we are about to talk about that you should never do after eating.

Cold water

Drinking cold water should be avoided immediately after meals. Cold water does not allow food to be read evenly, which often increases the chance of constipation.


Many people have the habit of eating fruit immediately after meals, but be aware that special enzymes like this are needed to protect the fruit and take longer to digest the fruit. Therefore, eating fruit immediately after eating can also cause digestive problems, flatulence etc.


Many people may have told you that the best thing to do after a meal is to walk, but researchers believe that you should wait at least half an hour before going for a walk. If not done, it can have a bad effect on the body.


We all know how bad smoking is for health, but smoking should never be done after eating, because smoking cigarettes after smoking is equivalent to smoking ten cigarettes. So the ground should never be smoked. This increases the risk of colon cancer and lung cancer.


Sleepiness is the thing we need in our lives. But if you fall asleep immediately after a meal, you may feel discomfort or discomfort or sometimes your abnormal sleeping patterns may also occur in your sleeping habits. This is why you should stop sleeping immediately after eating and get involved in some other activity.

Tea and coffee

Tea and coffee are both beneficial to the body if consumed on time and in certain quantities. And there is also a saying in Gujarati that there is no high speed, which means that the exaggeration of nothing is good. Most nutritionists advise that tea should be consumed at least an hour after meals.