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Two brothers who became millionaires in 5 years by making milk from shampoo, somewhere you haven't even bought their poisonous milk.

There are many shortcuts to making money in this world, but the sooner you get rich with this road, the sooner your pole opens up to the world. This was done by two brothers from Madhya Pradesh who had fooled people for many years and now come to the hands of the police. Milk is used in almost every house and in this case if you find out that the packet of milk is made from shampoo then you will probably vote, but this is the truth. Two brothers became millionaires in 5 years by making milk from shampoo, and so did Arrest.

Two brothers became millionaires in 5 years by making milk from shampoo

Milk is considered as a complete diet which can be taken from infants to the elderly. Cows, buffalo and goat's milk are usually consumed by people, but if you find out that milk is being made from shampoo, will it go down your throat? No, the milk you are taking home and drinking off the packet is actually poison. Police have arrested two such brothers who used to sell and sell milk from shampoo and their business has been running for the last seven years. The Murayana Special Task Force (STF) of Madhya Pradesh has arrested Devendra Gurjar and Javier Gurjar and for the past several years, they have made so much money from the fake milk business that in three years, three bungalows, many SUVs, milk tankers, land for cultivation. And became the owner of two packet-off milk factory.

According to the STF, two brothers who have been distributing milk in the form of milk have been delivering milk from their bikes on a dairy farm in Murayana for seven years. When profits started, their black business started to freeze. Only milk made at Rs 6 was sold in the market for 25 rupees.

Supply was happening here

Both brothers made glucose, urea, refined oil, milk powder, water and synthetic milk from shampoo. Then it lost its hold not only in Madhya Pradesh but also in many cities like Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. In the fake business of counterfeit milk, Devendra Gurjar along with some other owners of Chambal's Dairy have also been registered in the FIR which has become rich in just 7 years.

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